Ware/Ware Family: Late Roman Amphora 6 (LRA 6)

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Late Roman Amphora 6 (...

Israel/Beth She'an Valley

3rd-8th c. CE

Late Roman, Byzantine

General Information

Late Roman Amphora 6 is a specific product within the Palestinian ‘bag-shaped’ amphora group (Late Roman Amphora 5). It is the reduced-fired amphora that is typical of the city of Beth She'an-Scythopolis. It has a very hard, dark grey-black fabric and it is typically decorated with white painted loops and horizontal lines. Some variants have a marked ridge separating the shoulder from the upper body. The rims are rolled or a band. Some have a marked step on the lower wall. As with the LRA 5, the handles are ring type and placed on the outer edge of the shoulder.

Vessels  1

4th - 7th centuries CE
Late Roman

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Earlier/Alternative Names

Site Distribution

Ashkelon (Israel-Palestinian Authority/Southern Coastal Plain)

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