Ware/Ware Family: Late Iron Age Mortarium

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Late Iron Age Mortarium

Israel-Palestinian Aut...

8th - 7th centuries BCE

Iron Age IIB

General Information

An abrasive fabric which ranges from 7.5YR 7/6 to 10YR 6/4 first found in the 8th Century B.C. These examples provided here come from the 8th and 7th Century. The mortarium was a cheaper version of the basalt grinding vessels used in earlier times and it was used in the same diverse range of settings as those stone implements. Once it had been introduced in the northeastern Mediterranean region, it was quickly adopted along the entire Levantine coast.

Vessels  1

Grinding bowl/mortarium
7th century BCE
Iron Age II

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Petrographic Samples  1

7th century BCE
Iron Age II

Polarized Light?


Earlier/Alternative Names

Site Distribution

Ashkelon (Israel-Palestinian Authority/Southern Coastal Plain)

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