Edna J. Stern
Israel Antiquities Authority
Personal Information

The core of my research is the time period known in Israeli archaeology as "the later periods", from the Umayyad to the Ottoman periods, with an emphasis on the Crusader, and recently the Mamluk and Ottoman periods.

My main projects and activities deal with medieval archaeology and material culture in Israel, focusing mainly on ceramics, as well as maritime trade networks, comparing material culture of rural sites vs. urban sites and the archaeology of sugar production. I have also dealt with remains of the Roman and Byzantine periods, in excavations and publication of burials and finds.

In my research, I attempt to look at the broader picture and not to focus only on a single time period or type of artifact. My belief is that sites and artifacts can only be fully understood if studied in their historical, geographical and social context.  

My experience includes directing and participating in surveys and excavations; research and preparation of these excavations and finds for publication; writing and publishing monographs and articles; presenting my research at local and international conferences and universities; cooperation with foreign archaeologists in Israel and in Cyprus; developing and running an ongoing series of international workshops on Islamic and Crusader pottery in Israel; and training archaeologists within the Israel Antiquities Authority.This profile has not been filled out yet

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